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The Dynasphere was a monowheel electric vehicle invented in 1932 by Dr. J. A. Purves


The Dynasphere was a monowheel electric vehicle invented in 1932 by Dr. J. A. Purves

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‘Inhale Exhale’ by Photographer DiscoRat

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Martin Waugh - Liquid Sculpture

The artist decided to combine his passion for physics and photography in a creative fashion. With the use of high-speed photography, he manages to capture still shots of liquids, drops and water in all of its elegance and mystical grace. By altering the colour of the liquids and the angle of shots, he manages to create works of art that embody a multitude of colourful fountains.


It’s one thing to head out into your own backyard to enjoy a dip in a hot tub, but what about relaxing and recreating in a hot tub that is also a boat? That’s exactly what you see above. The HotTug, is a Dutch-made hot tub/tug boat hybrid. 

With and without water the HotTug is an extremely stable boat for up to six to eight people. Chilling in this hottub while cruising through canals or on a romantic lake is an amazing sensation! In every weather condition, you can fire it up in about 2.5 hours and enjoy the 38 degree Celsius (100 degrees F.) warm water.”

The HotTug comes equipped with a wood-burning heater that keeps the water warm and a motor to propel you around the lake, canal, or wherever you might want to take a soak and a cruise at the same time. It can also be used as a regular little boat. 

HotTugs are available in several different versions, depending on the type of drive system and water heater you want. Prices range from around $11,500 for the basic model (which excludes heater and motor, so we’re not sure what the appeal is there) to just over $21,000 for a completely decked out electric HotTug with the wood burning heater. Start saving your pennies now!

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Fuck yeah that’s a cool as hot tube


Meet Motala, a 50 year old elephant from Thailand who lost her front left leg in 1999 after stepping on a land mine left over from ongoing conflicts along the Thai-Myanmar border. When the accident occurred Motala was a working elephant who moved trees for a living. She was simply foraging for food in the forest when she stepped on the mine.

Although her owners tried to save poor Motala’s leg, the limb was so badly damaged that it eventually had to be amputated below the knee. It wasn’t until 2006 that she was able to receive her first artificial leg. It was only a temporary solution, but she successfully learned to walk on it. In 2009 Motala received her first permanent prosthesis, made for her at the Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) elephant hospital in the Mae Yao National Reserve in Thailand. Because prosthetic legs must be changed according to weight, Motala has been given other legs accordingly and received a new one last year, her third.

A documentary entitled The Eyes of Thailand shows the amazing moment when Motala took her first few steps on her first prosthetic leg. Check out incredibly moving video of that awesome moment here.

For more information on this topic check out the documentary The Eyes of Thailand. (watch a trailer here)

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